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Rubber Floor Mat Substance .sbs .sbsar

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Rubber Floor Mat Substance .sbs .sbsar

Jaakko Saari
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This is fully procedural rubber floor mat material. This was created from a scratch using nodes in Substance Designer.

This is very flexible material with several parameters exposed, such as Tiles Amount, Hole Size, Hole Amount, all color parameters and dirt adjustments. Edge Wear can also be adjusted.


Both .Sbs and .sbsar formats are included.

Software Requirements

This Substance was created in Substance Designer 2019.3.3. Compatibility with earlier versions may not be guaranteed.


Personal, Small Business, and Studio/Educational Licenses are available. Personal licenses do NOT apply to companies or organizations. Any redistribution of the materials or packages is strictly prohibited.

Contact me

If you need any custom substances or CG models please feel free to contact me at

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