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Vertebral Column Anatomy Model

Jaakko Saari
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This is a photo realistic 3D model of vertebral column medical prop. The vertebrae, vertebral disc and the sacrum are all separate objects and can be turned on or off when rendering.


  • Mostly quads mesh.

  • Total 164215 faces and 328428 tris

  • Discs has 15210 faces

  • Sacrum has 9436 faces

  • Vertebra has 139569 faces


  • Two UDIM sets used for the vertebra and sacrum. Sacrum is separated to a second UDIM tile.

  • PBR Metal Roughness textures included with normal maps. Please ensure correct application of normal maps if used in 3rd party software.

  • Discs have only one UDIM tile.

  • Two materials used, one for discs and one for bone.


  • Maya 2022 and 3ds Max 2022 scene files are render ready with HDRI setup.

  • FBX files with both the production models and high poly sculpting.

  • Original high poly ZBrush sculpting with subtools organized in folders

  • Substance Painter files

  • HDRI backdrop used in Redshift renders is included

Important Disclaimer

  • Unfortunately due to Maya bug the texture file paths are absolute. I am looking at currently a way to make them relative.

  • This is intended for medical visualization purposes. Although a lot of effort was made that the model is as anatomically accurate as possible, this model should never be used as a reference for any critical medical work such as surgeries.

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Vertebral Column Anatomy Model

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