Scifi Console model for Games

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Sci-Fi Console with PBR textures for games.

This is original concept design I created and not based in any known real world  design. This is great for games and this asset can be used a interactive in-game device.. This has enough detail to be rendered from close distances.

Renders are made using Marmoset Toolbag.

  • Mostly quads. 3652 polys with 3388 quads and 264 tris. 
  • No co-planar faces or isolated vertices. 
  • FBX file and Blender file has correct, real world scale. 
  • FBX file was tested in Unreal Engine (please see the screenshot)


4K PBR textures in PNG format using Metal-Roughness PBR workflow. Emissive map was used for green lights. I have also included packed version of the textures that is optimised for Unreal Engine 4. Please find it in the supporting items section of this site.


This model is intended to be used in realtime apps which support baked normal maps and PBR. Normal map was baked from high poly model using Substance Painter with Mikk-T space calculation. Please notice that the baked normal map may not render correctly in all applications. The curvature and detail of this model relies heavily in normal map due to this being a poly model.


Personal, Small Business, and Studio/Educational Licenses are available. Personal licenses do NOT apply to companies or organizations. Any redistribution of the materials or packages is strictly prohibited.

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Scifi Console model for Games

0 ratings
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